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Millions of people in our country lack basic healthcare. Thousands of compassionate volunteers from free clinics and medical missions give their time to aid this crisis, but they lack critical medical equipment and supplies to provide adequate routine exams and life saving procedures. Throughout the country, millions of dollars worth of perfectly usable medical equipment and supplies rests unused in hospitals and medical offices, collecting dust and taking up space. We provide a way for those hospitals, and medical offices to clear space and give back to people who desperately need this equipment.
Every donated piece of equipment, as well as supplies is tested and evaluated. After reviewing submissions of expressed needs, we then match the equipment or supplies with the individual(s) or organization needing it. Donated items will be sold if there is no urgent need for them. The proceeds of the sale will then go to the volunteer organizations.
At DCF we have recognized the crisis that millions are with out medical care in our country. The need for medical equipment is real and the desire for people to help others is astounding. We have provided a way for the medical volunteers to share needs as well as medical offices to liberate unused medical equipment to help their cause.
DCF became a must for our founder after suffering with Lyme disease for over 30 years--without knowing what was wrong with him--and without the benefit of healthcare for much of that time! It is his and DCF's mission to help as many people as possible who don't enjoy the luxury of healthcare.
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